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Welcome to the WomenWILL Podcast with Laura Kuimba.

In this series of Women in Leadership Limelight, successful women leaders share their stories of leadership, growth and self-discovery with insight, experiences and ways of thinking across different segments of business, industry and society.

If you’re an ambitious woman who wants to live larger, dream bigger, blaze trails and manifest your destiny, these conversations will inspire you with new insights and fresh perspectives.


WomenWILL Podcast Trailer



About WomenWILL Host, Laura Kuimba

Elevated into organisation-wide leadership roles at an early age ranging from enterprise, NGO’s and movements, Laura Kuimba Yu has been unveiled as a prodigy in motivating people to greater heights, accomplishing goals from both a corporate and personal perspective.

Building a multi-national million-dollar company in the tech sector servicing clients like McDonalds, Fujitsu and Groupon, Zurich Insurance and other billion-dollar organizations by the age of 30, Laura’s passionate about the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship and mental wellbeing, speaking at prestigious conferences around the world. 

Out of 1012 entries, Laura was 1 of only 50 entrepreneurs selected from around the world for the prestigious Sovereign Academy 2019 in Lithuania, Europe. Laura is the co-founder of SHE Network Asia, and serves on the founding board of Women of Global Change Kuala Lumpur chapter. She’s also the youngest ever board member & first female Chairperson for New Zealand-based World Outreach International, one of the oldest NGOs in the world. 

Hailing from Zimbabwe, Laura knows what it’s like not having the right empowerment to advance oneself, having seen first-hand the cycles of poverty. Giving someone a fish, feeds them for a day. Laura wants to teach people how to fish – to feed their family, community, and future generations. Her exposure to transformative technologies & impact-driven innovation during her travels around the world has only cemented her calling. 

On top of her skills in digital marketing and entrepreneurship, Laura has also ventured into the fields of coaching and facilitative learning. Groomed by numerous international trainers and coaches with the skills to train & deliver impactful and engaging content as a speaker, Genos-Certified Emotional Intelligence practitioner and coach. Laura champions a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to leveraging business, education, technology and social transformation, to create an environment where everyone can flourish. 

If you were to ask for her “report card” when she meets her Creator? She would ask for an extended stay on Earth – to instill courage in one more girl, inspire confidence in one more woman, and impact change in one more community. 

Laura is based in Kuala Lumpur where she has lived for over 10 years with her husband, Kenneth Yu.



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