Launch And Level Up With Sadie Hess, CEO of Compass (Pt 1)

At 23, her boss told her she couldn't run a business. Now, Sadie Hess owns that building and she made that very room her office. 

Episode 3 

Launch & Level Up With Sadie Hess (Pt 1) 

The WomenWILL podcast presents Sadie Hess, founder and CEO of Compass. At 23, her boss told her she couldn't run a business - and now she owns that very building.

Driven to help people with disabilities pursue their dreams, direction & destiny, her company now has 8 office locations and over 600 employees across California. 

If you’re an ambitious woman who wants to live larger, dream bigger, blaze trails and manifest your destiny, these conversations will inspire you with new insights and fresh perspectives.

Tune in Now and listen to Marisa Peer share her experiences of leadership, growth and self-discovery.

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Show Notes

In part 1 of this conversation, Sadie shares her experiences of leadership, growth and self-discovery from her leadership philosophy, how she learned to navigate strong personalities and a surprising secret ingredient that nurtured her along the way. 

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Conversation Highlights

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"I was willing to rise up and be the leader at 23 that a company with 10 employees needed. But what I've had to rise up and become a different leader to run a company of 600." - Sadie Hess, CEO of Compass

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"You need to let go and acknowledge that there are people around you that are brilliant and passionate and love what they do as much as you do. They deserve the opportunity to flourish in your organisation. Be willing to step out of the way to give them the
authority, job title, pay and all the other accoutrements to be able to do that job, frankly, better than you could."
- Sadie Hess

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Sadie Hess

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