“I am Enough” With Marisa Peer

Marisa Peer talks about global influence, her business partnership, and the challenges women face with impostor syndrome because we hold ourselves to impossible standards of perfection. Learn how to change your language to eliminate feeling "not enough".

“I am enough” is the best message for women, says Marisa Peer. She is a therapist, world-renowned speaker, Rapid Transformational Therapy trainer and best-selling author of 5 books.

Episode 1

“You Are Enough” – Marisa Peer (Part 1) 

The WomenWILL podcast presents Marisa Peer as this week’s guest. Marisa is a world renowned speaker, Rapid Transformational Therapy trainer and best-selling author.

Named ‘Britain’s Best Therapist’ by Men’s Health magazine, Marisa has spent over three decades treating a client list that includes international superstars, CEOs, Royalty, and Olympic athletes. Her engaging and amusing talks are peppered with anecdotes from an unparalleled career in which she has helped thousands of people to overcome profound personal issues.

In 2015, Marisa launched her Marisa Peer Method School, teaching her unique method for the first time to audiences in London, Canada, the US and Australia.

If you’re an ambitious woman who wants to live larger, dream bigger, blaze trails and manifest your destiny, these conversations will inspire you with new insights and fresh perspectives.

Tune in Now and listen to Marisa Peer share her experiences of leadership, growth and self-discovery.

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Show Notes

In part 1 of this conversation of the WomenWILL Podcast, Marisa Peer and Laura Kuimba discuss impostor syndrome and chasing the unattainable standards of perfection.

“You just have to know that you’re enough, and you’ve absolutely got a huge amount to offer the world.”

Tune in now and listen as Marisa shares her experiences of leadership, growth and self-discovery in part 1 of this conversation. Subscribe and rate the WomenWILL podcast to hear more successful women leaders share their experiences of leadership, growth and self-discovery.

Conversation Highlights

[00:02:44] What does it feel like to influence millions of people around the world?

  • Marisa explains that it’s a wonderful experience and she feels blessed.
  • All his life, Marisa’s father loved quotes – a skill she inherited from her father!
  • "If you want to change the world, change the people."

"If you want to change the world, change the people." - Marisa Peer

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[00:05:52] What drew Marisa towards Hypnosis?

  • She finds the therapy model very strange. She elaborates that her dad was immensely kind and he influenced her very much.
  • Marisa explains that she couldn’t have reached here without her husband.
  • “Don’t die with your music still inside you.”

[00:11:52] Finding the right path……

  • Marisa credits her success to her husband. She further elaborates that if you can have a great partner, the path becomes easier.
  • Making your husband work with you? (Identifying the difference between bedroom conversations and boardroom conversations)
  • If you love what you do, it doesn’t feels like working.

[00:16:49] Creating the life you love!

  • She thinks that quality makes a great therapist. You need to have empathy and compassion meanwhile fascination plays a big role in your work.
  • What make Marisa unique?
  • The ability to adapt contribute an enormous part towards the life you love.
  • She explains that first time she gave a talk, she got a standing ovation. She wants to be a speaker who can change someone’s life from stage.
  • I Am Enough! (We are not born with not enoughness, we acquire it!)

[00:30:50] Experimenting at the age of 64!

  • A good provider is not a good husband.
  • Marisa speaks that until you can’t say ‘NO’, ‘YES’ has no meaning. It’s really about reactivating about how they say NO!

[00:37:39] Encountering the pressure to be perfect….

  • Women have always been judged. She thinks that If women don’t allow themselves to feel like an imposter, it really can change their life.
  • Trying to be perfect is a race which has no finish line.
  • Marisa shares her perspective on being different. She explains that the feeling of being different makes us same. Nobody can reject you unless you agree with them.

[00:48:42] A Morning Full of Gratitude…….

  • Marisa shares her daily morning routine. Gratitude contributes a major part of her day!
  • You are happy when you are grateful.

[00:52:49] How to find the balance?

  • She elaborates that when you know you are enough, you expect more of yourself.
  • Marisa elucidates that as a women leader you need to make sure that the staff you are leading feel important and connected to the success of the company.
  • If you could do everything, you would not need anyone in your life.

[00:59:03] The most important skill of a leader.

  • Marisa throws light on the most important skills of a leader,i.e., thinking outside the box and seeing things differently.

[01:01:47] Marisa’s piece of advice for women around the world. 

"The most important skills of a leader: thinking outside the box and seeing things differently." - Marisa Peer

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