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I'm Laura Kuimba.

I help goal-oriented people move towards their goals with clarity and purpose, without sacrificing their values, boundaries or drive. 

What do my clients say?

I used to think that personal and professional goals should be worked on separately. I would often feel exhausted because I am actually doing two (or more) different jobs at the same time! Laura has helped me discover the possibilities of achieving my personal goals through my professional life. I now feel relieved and inspired!

Tsu Yi

Before coming over to Laura's coaching session, I found myself in a state of limbo (where I wanna go wasn't that strong). After all the hard-knock questions being thrown at me, I realised I need to find my sense of Clarity/True North in order not to drift on a boat in the sea.


I’m in the midst of working through several issues in my career and life - feeling lost, confused and defeated. Paired with my therapy sessions, Laura has helped me identified how to navigate around uncertainty and to view things differently. She’s kind, gentle and open, but also knows when to stop me in my spiraling train of thoughts :)



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